Guided walks in Yorkshire

By 27th July 2020 August 1st, 2020 Summer, Walking

Going on some guided walks in Yorkshire will most likely reveal all sorts of surprises. For example, I recently spotted this Hare’s Tail Cottongrass silhouetted and backlit by the setting sun.

Hare’s Tail Cottongrass grows in damp, boggy ground and there is lots of it up on our hills and moorland. When it flowers in spring/early summer, the ‘cotton’ heads form a sea of white blobs which stand out from the surrounding areas. These give an excellent indication of where the boggy ground is, and cry out ‘avoid me’. This year, however, it has been very dry so it was fun to get down low amongst the cotton grass to take shots like this.

Stems of cottongrass with their distinctive head resembling a ball of cotton silhouetted against the setting sun. on a guided walk in Yorkshire” width=“” height=

If you’d like to join me on some guided walks in Yorkshire and learn more about some of the amazing plants we have, then why not get in touch and enquire about our guided walks or our mountain skills courses.


Guided walks in the Yorkshire Dales:- These are priced at £40 per person assuming a minimum of 4 people booking for the day (not necessarily from the same party). The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge is £45 per person (minimum of 4 people).

Significantly reduced rates are available for family groups walking in more gentle terrain, starting at £40 per adult and £20 per child (aged 8-18).