Indoor Learn to Lead Courses

We offer a range of indoor climbing courses , including Learn to Lead Courses near Leeds, catering for everything from total novices to aspiring leaders.  Our Learn to Lead courses are usually held at The Big Depot, Leeds. We do not schedule courses in advance on specific dates, as we prefer to make each course bespoke for you.

For many people, the additional thrill and challenge of lead climbing is the obvious, natural progression to their climbing. Being able to lead climb not only adds extra dimensions to your climbing, but quite simply opens up a greater number of routes, especially on big overhanging walls which are not easily protected by top-ropes and auto-belays. But lead climbing brings with it extra risk, and before embarking on this stage of your climbing journey, a course showing you how to lead climb properly is a sensible choice. How to clip, where to clip, how to belay a leader, how to fall, how to hold a fall – these are all essential parts of a learn to lead course. In addition, you will gain a good understanding of the forces involved in falling and just how far you may potentially fall if your belayer isn’t doing their job adequately.  (Ratio 1:2 min and max)

A climber leads through an overhang, as you can learn our learn to lead climbing course in Leeds

Course Details

Who is the course for?

A Learn to Lead course is for the experienced indoor climber who can climb and belay on a top-rope effectively, and who regularly climbs routes graded 6a cleanly (no falls or rests).

Where is it held?

Learn to Lead Courses will usually be held at The Big Depot, Leeds but can also be held at other climbing walls in the north of England by arrangement.

How long is the course?

This course is a generally a 6-8 hour course but can be delivered in a number of ways – a single intensive session of 6-8 hours; two half-day sessions each of 3-4 hours; or a number of shorter 2 hour sessions (three, or perhaps four, sessions).

What does the course cover?

The Learn to Lead course is aimed at making you an independent lead climber on indoor walls, and a competent lead belayer. However, there is no pressure put on you to lead until, or if, you are happy to do so; nor is there any guarantee that you will become a competent leader within any particular timeframe. That said, our progressive series of exercises and drills will help you to overcome all the hurdles and in all probability you will be leading climbs before you know it.

The course will cover:

  • Understanding the risks and benefits of lead climbing
  • How and where to clip quickdraws
  • Avoiding problems associated with clipping (back-clip, Z-clip)
  • Clipping top anchors
  • Reading and planning the route
  • Belaying a leader, including where to stand
  • Falling and holding falls
  • Understanding the forces in falling and how to avoid ground-falls

What equipment is included?

As an experienced climber, you are already likely to have everything that you need. However, we are able to loan certain items if required.

We will provide lead climbing ropes.

We will discuss an appropriate kit list when you book.

What does it cost?

A full 6-8 hour course costs £200 for two people (i.e. £100 per person).