NNAS Gold Award Navigation Course


Our National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) Gold Award navigation course run in the Yorkshire Dales builds on the knowledge acquired at Bronze and Silver levels.


The Gold award adds techniques and skills for dealing with complex contour features both large and small, and for navigating in all conditions (including zero-visibility).  The Award is delivered in two parts with separate two-day Training and one-day Assessment courses giving you ample time to practice between the two.

Other courses outside the NNAS scheme are also available for those who want to navigate in mountainous terrain in summer or winter conditions.

Instructor:client ratio

The ratio for these courses is 1:4 maximum.

Other courses:

If the NNAS Gold Award is not right for you, then these are the other navigation courses that we offer:

Walkers learning to use a compass on a mountain navigation course

Course Details

Who is the course for?

The NNAS Gold navigation course is ideal for anyone who has already completed the Silver award and wants to progress. However, completion of the Silver Award is not mandatory and the Gold level is still suitable for those with considerable equivalent prior experience. The Gold level award approximately represents the standard of navigation that is expected of a qualified Mountain Leader, and as such it is an ideal preparation or refresher for those planning on attending their assessment.

Where is it held?

We generally run our NNAS navigation courses in the Yorkshire Dales.

How long is the course?

Courses consist of two separate elements – two days of training and one of assessment. You can choose to do the assessment once you feel ready after consolidating your learning.

What does the course cover?

This course follows the NNAS syllabus and learning progression, and is aimed at making you a competent navigator in open country away from linear features and in all conditions. This includes topics such as:

  • Taking and following accurate compass bearings in all conditions
  • Measuring distances accurately on the map and on the ground, over rough terrain
  • Interpreting contours to identify detailed landform features
  • Advanced navigational strategies
  • Advanced relocation strategies

What equipment is included?

You will need to provide: warm clothing including a waterproof jacket; walking boots; and a rucksack of about 30 litres. As an experienced navigator you are likely to already own a compass.

We will provide maps and can provide compasses.

We will discuss an appropriate kit list when you book.