Newsletter – December 2018

By 17th December 2018 Newsletters

Tip of the Month

A previous tip was about staying dry (an essential component of staying warm and avoiding hypothermia), through the tactic of ‘be bold, start cold’ and not wearing too many layers as you start the day’s walk.

An additional dimension to this is not to wear a “waterproof” hard-shell unless it is actually raining. Despite all the claims of them being “breathable”, they are simply not breathable enough. As a result, if we are wearing one, we will sweat more and get wet from the inside.

Instead, ensure your layering system includes a lightweight windproof garment (or heavier-duty softshell) which you can wear to keep the wind off, but which is inherently more breathable.

Reserve the hard-shell for when it is actually raining/snowing.

Quote of the Month

“Avalanches don’t ‘strike without warning’ as we so often read in the press. They are only the most spectacularly visible event in a long series of precursors leading up to the grand finale.” Bruce Tremper

Route of the Month

Before long I’ll be heading up to Scotland for the winter season, so I’m mentioning one of Scotland’s classic mountain days – The Ring of Steall. In the Mamores range of the highlands, between Ben Nevis and Glencoe, this great walk includes 4 munros and a significant amount of scrambling on narrow rocky ridges. Summer or winter, it’s a great day out, though long and tough – but it’s a lot more serious in winter.

Photo of the Month

This is a taste of the winter season to come – fabulous winter walking on the west coast of Scotland.

© Lee Sheard, UKC

Upcoming Events

Availability for the winter season is now limited to late-February onwards, but that’s a great time to go to Scotland.

  • Winter 2018-19. Still taking bookings for all types of courses, from basic introduction to winter skills up to full winter climbing:
    • 25 February 2019 onwards. Some availability remaining.
  • Skye 2019. A sneak preview. This isn’t advertised anywhere yet, but I might be running a trip to Skye in late spring 2019. Depending on numbers, this could be for rock climbing or scrambling (max 2) or for adventurous ‘scrambly’ walking (max 4-6, depending on routes). Get in touch if you are interested.
  • Spring/Summer 2019. The usual range of climbing, scrambling and navigation courses will be available once again.

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