Newsletter – June 2018

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Tip of the Month

This month’s tip is prompted by something that happened to me a few weeks ago.

It’s always worth carrying some basic repair kit with you on walking and climbing trips because, one day, some item of your kit will break. Guaranteed, it will be at the most inconvenient time or place. There’s no point going overboard on this, but the most useful items are probably some stiff wire, some ‘Gaffa’ tape (or other equivalent), and perhaps most handy of all, a selection of different sized cable ties. Cable ties will come in handy for all sorts of basic emergency repairs so are well worth having, most often for repairing broken parts of rucksacks.

Recently a client’s boot fell apart during a challenge walk, with the sole beginning to separate from the upper. A large cable tie wrapped under the ball of the foot, run between the cleats in the sole, then up and over the upper part of the foot above the toes was sufficiently tough and secure to keep the boot together for the remainder of the walk.

Quote of the Month

“When we had taken the decision, I immediately felt better. Even at the ends of the earth and after all the long preparations, one must have the strength to say ‘No’.”

Route of the Month

After all the dry weather we have been having the mountain crags are nice and dry, for once. This will give me the opportunity to head out into the Lake District to possibly my favourite rock-climbing venue anywhere in the world. – Gimmer Crag. There you can find the wonderful classic climb Bracket and Slab” (Severe, 3-Star) with 5 pitches that weave their way up the massive face, including the very famous pitch of “Amen Corner”.

Photo of the Month

This is a beautiful and very atmospheric photograph taken on the Kuffner Areteon Mont Maudit, one of the satellites of Mont Blanc.

mountaineering path

© Jon Griffith

Forthcoming Events

  • 13-14 July 2018. Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing (Snowdonia) – can be tailored for beginners or improvers.
  • 18-20 July 2018. Three options for 3-Day courses – Scrambling, Beginners’ Rock Climbing or Advanced Rock Climbing.
  • 21-22 July 2018. Introduction to Multi-Pitch Rock-Climbing.(Snowdonia). Fully booked.
  • 28-29 July 2018. Advanced Scrambling, Grade 2-3 (Snowdonia). Fully booked.
  • 30 July-3 August 2018. 5-Day Trad Rock Climbing course for Improvers/Developers(Snowdonia).
  • 4 August 2018. Top-rope rigging courses (Peak District) – aimed at helping you take your friends climbing, safely.

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