Newsletter – March 2020

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Tip of the Month

If you want to improve your map-reading and navigation, then one vital element is to become completely at home with visualising what the map is representing. In turn, one way of achieving this is simply spending a lot of time studying maps closely and really looking at the detail. But who wants to do this when we would rather be getting on with our walk and enjoying the views?

During the ‘lockdown’ we all have the ideal opportunity to spend time looking at maps of some of the most popular mountain areas of the UK, but not in a boring way. Order yourself a ‘Mazzle’ (Map-Puzzle) jigsaw from Harvey Maps and spend a little time each day working on it.

You will almost certainly find that having to study the map detail to complete the jigsaw will start to embed in your brain a deeper understanding of what the map represents. Plus it’s fun – in an infuriating way.

Fact of the Month

Late in the Eighteenth Century, official mapping in Britain had fallen well behind that of other European Countries – but if we were ever to have to fight off a foreign invader, good mapping would be essential. In 1791, the Board of Ordnance (which in 2020 would be a part of the MoD), instructed that initial survey work begun by General Roy some years earlier should be continued more formally – hence the ‘Ordnance Survey’.

Route of the Month

One day soon we will all be allowed out again to “play”. So, I’m starting to think of all the routes that I’ll be itching to do, regardless of whether I have, or haven’t done them before. First, a relatively easy scrambling mountain day and a firm old favourite – the Snowdon Horseshoe.

Photo of the Month

Mainly tongue in cheek rather than a genuinely good photograph, here is a ‘before and after’ image showing what I’m doing during the Coronavirus outbreak.

 © thesummitisoptional

Forthcoming Events

These are some of the scheduled events coming up in the near future:

  • May-June – availability for rock climbing, scrambling and navigation courses in north England and north Wales.
  • 12-15 June – Cuillin Ridge Traverse (fully booked).
  • 16-21 June – further availability on Skye.
  • June-September – UK rock climbing and scrambling courses available.

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