Tip #30 – Backpacking with tents

By 20th September 2018 Resources, Tips

Backpacking with tents

Over the last month I’ve spent quite a lot of time supervising DofE groups. As one friend said to me: “Supervising DofE? Is that where you sit in cafes and watch teenagers with huge rucksacks walk up hills?”. Well, that’s partly true, and what is also true is that it means I’ve spent an uncharacteristic amount of time under canvas.

This tip hasn’t really come into play much this month, given the amount of dry weather we’ve been having. But it certainly makes a difference in the wetter months.

What do you do when it comes to packing up your tent from a wild-camp after it’s been raining, and you still have more nights to go? Often this means packing up a wet tent and getting the inner of the tent wet, potentially along with anything else in the rucksack.

However, try this. Have two different colour-coded dry-bags, one for the fly sheet and one for the inner, then pack each piece separately into its own drybag. At the next campsite, voilà, a dry inner tent!