Walking in the Yorkshire Dales

By 27th July 2020 Summer, Walking

During a day’s walking in the Yorkshire Dales on a round of the Yorkshire Three Peaks, we had time in hand so I offered to divert slightly and let the group explore Hull Pot. Located on the slopes of Pen y Ghent, Hull Pot is a collapsed cavern. In dry conditions, the small stream disappears underground upstream of Hull Pot and emerges as a small waterfall underneath it. However, in wet conditions the stream can flow into Hull Pot as a dramatic cascade.

Three ladies explore the sides of Hull Pot while walking in the Yorkshire Dales” width=“” height=

If you’d like to do some walking in the Yorkshire Dales like this, then get in touch to discuss some guided walks. We offer a huge variety – from the Yorkshire Three Peaks, to guided ascents of any of the individual peaks. Or, if you are looking for something that is more mentally or physically relaxing, try our guided waterfall walks.


Guided walks in the Yorkshire Dales:- These are priced at £40 per person assuming a minimum of 4 people booking for the day (not necessarily from the same party). The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge is £45 per person (minimum of 4 people).

Significantly reduced rates are available for family groups walking in more gentle terrain. These start at £40 per adult and £20 per child (aged 8-18).