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Children’s map reading courses

By 25th July 2020August 2nd, 2022Navigation
A young boy works out his route on an orienteering map during a map reading course on Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire

Using an orienteering map during a children’s map reading course

If you would like your kids to learn some valuable life skills then join us on our children’s map reading courses in Yorkshire. They will learn the golden rule of map reading – and much more. Navigation using a map and compass is not some irrelevant skill from the past. It’s good mental exercise for adults and it’s a fun way to get kids active and engaged with some problem-solving. You can even continue the theme when you get back home indoors.

Using a progressive series of fun activities, we introduce children to the skills of map reading.  This will stand them in stead for the rest of their lives, whatever they do.

Two children running between cone markers as they learn basic map reading skills on a course in Yorkshire

Having fun learning the basic principles of navigation

If you’d like to know more about children’s map reading courses in Yorkshire, then just get in touch. We also run navigation courses in Snowdonia and the Lake District. You can also read our article with lots of tips on how to improve your map reading and navigation skills. This will also explain why map reading benefits your long-term mental health.

Map reading and other family activities such as abseiling can also be included as part of a longer visit to Yorkshire booked with Real Yorkshire Tours.