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Guided walk Gordale and Malham

By 25th July 2020June 5th, 2021Summer, Walking


A great way to explore the Yorkshire Dales is a guided walk around Gordale and Malham. It can be as challenging or as relaxing as you wish. Going with a guide can help keep you safe and comfortable; make your experience more successful and enjoyable, including keeping the right pace; and we can make the day a valuable learning experience, including passing on a whole host of useful tips.

Booking and Prices

If you want to book a guided walk in the Yorkshire Dales around Malham and Gordale then see the main page for more details and prices or see what our clients say about us. You can also have a look at the Calendar for forthcoming “Open” events.

When you are ready, then get in touch to make an enquiry or a booking.

We offer many other guided walks in the Yorkshire Dales, including waterfall walks and the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

We also guide mountain walks in Snowdonia, the Lake District and the Scottish highlands.

Guided Walk Around Gordale and Malham

Often, a circular walk in this area would include to a visit to the lovely waterfall of Janet’s Foss. Then we could go and take a look at Gordale Scar, a spectacular gorge where a  stream has found its way down through the limestone. If conditions allow, and your group is able enough, then we can climb up the side of the waterfall to continue the walk. This takes us through a dry limestone valley. From here, or via a different route of we don’t go up Gordale, we can continue to the massive limestone pavements above Malham Cove, before descending into the cove (pictured) and reaching the village of Malham.

The dramatic sweep of the limestone cliffs of Malham Cove, viewed from the top on a guided walk
Malham Cove cliffs