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Basic climbing movement

Learn the essentials of good, efficient climbing technique


Technical rope skills

Get to grips with safe belaying so that you can be a competent climbing partner


Advanced climbing movement

Improve your technique, refining your balance, body position and footwork


Indoor lead-climbing

Move on to the ‘sharp end’ of the rope and progress to indoor leading


Indoor climbing courses and coaching


We offer a range of indoor climbing courses and coaching near Leeds. These cater for everyone from total novices to aspiring leaders and are usually held at the Big Depot, Leeds. We also run outdoor rock climbing courses in Yorkshire, the Peak District, the Lake District and Eryri (Snowdonia).

Previous experience

For someone with no previous experience, our climbing courses start with an introductory, or ‘taster’ session. This will help you decide whether or not climbing is for you. If it is, then you can begin to learn the essential basics on one of our beginners’ climbing courses. After that we offer a range of progressive courses for improvers concentrating on whatever aspects of your climbing will be most helpful.

For those that already climb competently on a top-rope, then the icing on the cake is one of our Learn to Lead courses, which will teach you all you need to know to lead climb, and lead belay, safely. Mastering leading indoors will set you up very nicely to progress on to leading outdoors on sports climbs. There are one or two additional things to learn, however, most importantly knowing how to get down from the top of a sports climb safely.

Other activities

If you are not looking for indoor climbing courses and coaching near Leeds, then perhaps some of our other activities will suit you better: