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Beginners’ Indoor Climbing Courses


We offer a range of indoor (and outdoor) climbing courses near Leeds, including beginners’ indoor climbing courses, catering for everything from total novices to aspiring leaders. Beginners’ climbing courses are usually held at The Big Depot, Leeds.


In general, we do not schedule these in advance, as we like to make each one bespoke. This is how we adapt them to cater for different levels of ability and experience. However, we do have a limited number of  ‘open’ courses which are available to book on. These are shown in our events calendar.


If you have decided that climbing is for you, then there’s no better way to get started than to attend one of our beginners’ climbing courses. You will learn the mandatory skills that almost all climbing walls require (the ability to tie in to your harness and belay another climber on a top-rope) You will then be able to pass the test to register as an independent climber.

In addition, you’ll get a good grounding in climbing movement as well as specific hints and tips on using the hands and feet effectively.

Instructor:client ratio

Depending on exact activities, there is usually a maximum ratio of 1:6 on this course.

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Climber tying a Figure of Eight Knot, which you can learn on our indoor climbing course in Leeds

Course Details

Who is the course for?

The beginners’ climbing course is for the novice climber who wants to be able to climb independently, including passing mandatory tests to register at a climbing wall.

Where is it held?

Beginners’ climbing courses will usually be held at The Big Depot, Leeds but can also be held at other climbing walls in the north of England by arrangement.

How long is the course?

This course is a generally a six-hour session, but it can be delivered in a variety ways by arrangement – a single session of 6 hours; or 2 sessions of 3 hours (for example a Saturday afternoon and a Sunday afternoon); or 3 sessions of 2 hours (for example 3 evenings in a week, or spread over more than one week).

What does the course cover?

Depending on prior knowledge and experience, the beginners’ climbing course aims to cover:

  • Climbing wall activities
  • Essential safety information
  • Bouldering
  • Using auto-belay machines
  • Putting on a harness correctly
  • Tying in to a harness
  • Belaying a climber up a climb and lowering them back down again
  • Basic climbing technique

What equipment is included?

You will need to provide: suitable clothing (in which you can move freely and which you don’t mind getting dirty or, although rarely, damaged); climbing shoes (available for hire at the wall). If you have your own harness you will be more comfortable if you bring it.

We will:-

  • Provide harness, helmet, and all technical climbing hardware.
  • Discuss an appropriate kit list when you book.

What does it cost?

Prices for a single 6-hour session start at £190 for one person; £210 for two people (i.e. £105 per person); £230 for three people (i.e. £77 per person); £250 for four people (i.e. £63 per person) etc.