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Indoor Climbing Coaching


We offer a range of indoor climbing courses and indoor climbing coaching near Leeds, catering for everything from total novices to aspiring leaders. These courses are usually held at The Big Depot, Leeds.


We do not schedule courses in advance on specific dates, as we prefer to make each course bespoke for you.


Once you have become an independent climber, as far as rope-work is concerned, then all that you need to do is go climbing and enjoy it – lots! However, you might find that once you have moved beyond the beginner’s grades, that your climbing is not really progressing. Maybe it’s something to do with your climbing technique; maybe it’s nerves and a fear of falling; or, least likely, maybe your physical strength or endurance may be limiting what you can do.

Booking an improvers’ course or a short series of indoor climbing coaching sessions could be what you need to unlock new levels of performance and move you on to new climbing challenges.

Instructor:client ratio

Depending on exact activities, there is usually a maximum ratio of 1:4 on this course.

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Climbers practising their technique, as you can learn on our climbing courses in Leeds

Course Details

Who is the course for?

This course is for the regular indoor climber with a reasonable degree of experience, but who wants to be progress their climbing in some way.

Where is it held?

Improvers’ courses and coaching sessions will usually be held at The Big Depot, Leeds but can also be held at other climbing walls in the north of England by arrangement.

How long is the course?

This course is totally bespoke. You might decide that a day or two (perhaps separated by a week) of intensive work might suit you better; or that a series (perhaps 6) of shorter coaching sessions (maybe 2 hours) might be more appropriate. Either way, together we will find the right solution for you.

What does the course cover?

We will discuss your current climbing and aspirations, and observe your climbing. Then together we will agree where the greatest gains are to be made in your climbing and set about devising a plan to address those aspects.

What equipment is included?

As an experienced climber, you are already likely to have everything that you need. However, we are able to loan certain items if required.

We will discuss an appropriate kit list when you book.

What does it cost?

Prices for one full day start at £190 for one person; £210 for two people (i.e. £105 per person); £230 for three people (i.e. £77 per person); £250 for four people (i.e. £63 per person) etc.

Shorter sessions (e.g. 2-hours) are available at different prices.