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Multi-pitch climbing Lake District

By 27th July 2020August 12th, 2022Rock Climbing, Summer


Coming on a multi-pitch climbing course in the Lake District is the ideal way to learn how to climb longer, multi-pitch rock climbs safely. If you like the mountains and enjoy climbing high up amongst them, then the Lake District is the perfect part of the country to do this. A fair proportion of the Lake District’s crags are perched high up on the sides of the mountains. This means that while you are climbing there, the views around you are breathtaking. Be prepared to look down as fighter jets fly down below you.

Booking and Prices

If you’d like to know more about a multi-pitch climbing course in the Lake District then see our main page for more details and prices or see what our clients say about us.

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We also run multi-pitch rock climbing courses in Snowdonia.

Multi-Pitch Climbing Course in the Lake District

A rock climber is securely attached to the rock using his ropes as he brings up his second on a multi-pitch climbing course in the Lake District

Learning to belay on a multi-pitch route

Climbing multi-pitch rock climbs is both absorbing and rewarding, but there are risks. Therefore it’s vital to learn how to minimise those risks and how to make your climbing as safe as possible. We will give you the knowledge and skills that you need to do this, as well as passing on numerous tips and discuss getting the right equipment.

Gimmer Crag, in Great Langdale, with lots of pairs of climbers enjoying a multi-pitch rock climbing course as can be done in the Lake District and Snowdonia
A multi-pitch climbing course in the Lake District would suit someone who already understands about lead climbing. They will probably have led some single-pitch ‘trad’ climbs or perhaps sports climbs, or even just led climbs indoors. It is ideal for someone who wants to do more multi-pitch rock climbing unsupervised, for themselves. Or they may have an interest in learning about winter climbing or alpine mountaineering. The skills learned on a course like this are transferable to both of these.