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How to Secure Your Map in Winter – Tip #37

By 19th February 2019April 7th, 2021Navigation, Resources, Tips, Winter, Winter Walking

How to Secure Your Map in Winter

Making sure that your map is secure in winter is a vital piece of preparation.

Have you ever been concerned that your map might blow away in strong winds (or that you might drop your compass!) If so, but you (rightly) shudder at the thought of carrying one of those enormous impractical map cases, then here’s one way of dealing with the problem.

Some months ago, I wrote about preparing a practical map sheet for mountain use. Using an office hole-punch, put a hole in one corner of the map. Next, prepare a detachable lanyard from two mini accessory karabiners (not actual climbing ones) and a 1 metre length of 2-3mm cord. Clip one karabiner to the map and one to the pocket zip-pull of your jacket.

A similar set-up can be used to secure your compass to your jacket as well.

Once attached to the zip-pull, both items can be stored in a jacket pocket ready for use. When they are pulled out for use, often in the wildest of conditions, then you needn’t worry that a fumbled grip in thick gloves will leave your map to the mercy of the howling gale.

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