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Rock Rings – Tip #50

By 25th May 2020January 13th, 2021Resources, Rock Climbing, Summer, Tips

Rock Rings

All over social media there are pictures of people building their own climbing walls during lockdown. Keen climbers are training harder than ever so that they are ready to get back onto routes as soon as the lockdown is over. But what if you want to train and don’t have the luxury of a space to build your own wall?

There are simpler training aids, such as fingerboards, but these also need somewhere sturdy to be fixed. However, a slightly more flexible (and cheaper and portable) option is a set of Rock Rings, by Metolius.

Rock Rings are easy to set up anywhere that you can safely hang your body weight from and are easily moved from place to place (or put away when not in use). What’s more, you can find a variety of training programmes on the internet to help you get the best from them.