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Moving in balance – Tip #6

By 20th September 2018January 13th, 2021Resources, Rock Climbing, Scrambling, Summer, Tips

Moving in balance

Those of you have been with me either on a climbing course, or a scrambling course, will recognize this one. Even if you’ve heard it before, make a conscious effort to keep it mind when you are scrambling or climbing yourselves.

  • The key to efficient and safe movement, on the ground or on rocks, is balance.
  • To be in balance our centre of gravity needs to be inside our base of support. When standing in a relaxed, normal position, with feet shoulder-width apart the base of support is an oval shape around the two feet.
  • When standing on one foot, the base of support is now a very small oval just around that one foot.
  • The quick and easy way to remember how to check whether you are in a balanced position is this – make sure your nose is over your toes.