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Hydration pack tips – Tip #7

By 20th September 2018January 13th, 2021Expedition, Resources, Summer, Tips, Walking

Hydration pack tips

Here are some hydration pack tips. These are useful for those that already like to use these packs (or ‘bladders’) and for those who might experiment with them for the first time. Tips like these are especially useful for those undertaking challenge events such as the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

  • Part 1. Don’t get dehydrated. In order to keep nicely on top of fluid levels, use a suitably-sized ‘bladder’ with a drinking tube. This means that you can drink little and often while you are on the move. This is more effective than consuming large amounts at a small number of long breaks.
  • Part 2. Here’s the main tip. If you’ve used one of these hydration packs, then you may know how difficult they can be to dry out thoroughly. It is therefore very easy for disgusting mould to start to build up, especially in the drinking tube. To prevent this happening – store the whole bladder and tube in the freezer. By turning any moisture residue to ice then you prevent it from encouraging the growth of mould.
  • Part 3. When you take your nicely frozen hydration pack and tube out of the freezer, just be careful. Allow it to defrost gently to avoid splitting or damaging it.