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How to Lace Walking Boots – Tip #2

By 29th August 2018January 13th, 2021Expedition, Resources, Summer, Tips, Walking, Winter, Winter Walking

How to Lace Walking Boots

This tip is about how to lace your walking boots. Last month I wrote about hands and gloves. Now let’s go to the other end and think about our feet and boots. Have you ever suffered from foot problems because you can’t seem to get your boots comfortable while walking? Is this the case even though you are confident in the sizing and fitting?

There are two things to realise up front and these are that (1) boots do not have to be laced up the way that they come in the box; and (2) our feet are all different and what suits one person may not suit another. But one thing is sure. If your boots are causing your feet problems then you won’t be able to walk. This is particularly true on challenge events such as the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

Then there are two more things to understand about what you are trying to achieve when we lace your boots – (1) you need to achieve a fit that will be comfortable all day and (2) you need to secure the heel in place and minimise ‘heel lift’. On this second point of heel lift, people’s views differ on how much heel lift is acceptable. However, excessive heel lift is likely to cause rubbing and blisters; if you need to do more technical movement (such as scrambling), then the boot will move on your foot giving you less precise and secure foot placements.

You will find many, many articles and videos on lacing walking boots available online which I won’t simply repeat here. These solve common problems such as:- high arches, wide forefeet, tight boots, heel lift, heel slipping and toe pain. Try and experiment with different lacing patterns to solve your own particular problems and to get the right fit for yourself.