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Indoor Climbing Taster Sessions


We offer indoor climbing taster sessions near Leeds, as well as a range of other indoor and outdoor climbing courses. These cater for everyone from total novices to aspiring leaders. Climbing taster sessions are usually held at The Big Depot, Leeds.


We do not schedule courses in advance on specific dates, as we prefer to make each course bespoke for you.


A taster session is ideal for you if you have never climbed before and what to see what all the fuss is about; or if you think you may be nervous; or if you are thinking of getting into it but just want to make sure before committing.

Instructor:client ratio

Depending on exact activities, there is usually a maximum ratio of 1:6 on this course.

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Some climbers enjoying a climbing taster session in Leeds

Course Details

Who is the course for?

The climbing taster session is for the complete novice, the slightly frightened, the sceptical, the unsure, groups of friends, family groups and children (accompanied by parents).

Where is it held?

Taster sessions will usually be held at The Big Depot, Leeds but can also be held at other climbing walls in the north of England by arrangement.

How long is the course?

A taster session is usually two-hours long, but depending on your group size and level of interest the session could be extended to as much as six hours (including breaks).

What does the course cover?

Depending on numbers and duration, the taster session aims to cover:

  • Climbing wall activities
  • Essential safety information
  • Bouldering, top-roping and use of auto-belay machines
  • Basic climbing technique
  • An overview of essential knots, including tying in to your harness and belaying other climbers

What equipment is included?

You will need to provide: suitable clothing (in which you can move freely and which you don’t mind getting dirty or, although rarely, damaged); climbing shoes (available for hire at the wall).

We will:-

  • Provide harness, helmet, and all technical climbing hardware.
  • Discuss an appropriate kit list when you book.

What does it cost?

Prices for a 2-hour taster session start at £80 for one person; £90 for two people (i.e. £45 per person); £100 for three people (i.e. £33 per person) etc.