Scrambling Courses

Scrambling is a great way to experience and enjoy the mountains and we have a variety of scrambling courses available in the Lake DistrictSnowdonia, and the on the west coast of Scotland.

What most people seem to enjoy about scrambling, is the sense of adventure and freedom. In general, scramblers travel relatively fast and carry little weight and this allows us to cover a lot of ground fairly quickly. It is the sort of ground that many people will only look at with envy or perhaps aspire to one day. In the meantime, it often gives us a direct route to a mountain summit by the most exhilarating and scenic routes on offer.

Scramblers tackle unlikely routes up complex faces; steep and exposed ridges; and long-knife edges with dramatic drops on either side. Routes such as the Cneifion Arete or the Dolmen Ridge in Snowdonia; routes like Curved Ridge and the Aonach Eagach in Glencoe; easy romps like Cam Crag Ridge in the Lake District; or major mountaineering routes like Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis.

If you’ve not tried it before, then you really should! (Maximum 2-6 people depending on exact routes).