Scotland - West Coast

Let us show you the Alpine-like peaks of Glencoe and the west coast of Scotland.


Scotland - Eastern Highlands

Journey through the Arctic wilderness of the Cairngorms.


Snowdonia & Lake District

Tackle the rugged Welsh mountains and Lakeland Fells under winter conditions with us


Winter mountaineering

Let us teach you about winter skills, techniques, equipment and hazards.


Winter Mountaineering Courses

We provide a range of bespoke winter mountaineering and climbing courses in Scotland, the Lake District and Snowdonia. Most courses will take place in the Scottish highlands, where the most reliable winter conditions occur. On other occasions, however, Snowdonia and the Lake District may have equally good, or even better, conditions.

In the British mountains, ‘Winter’ is taken to mean that snow and ice are present in significant quantity and therefore winter skills and equipment (such as an ice axe and crampons) are required . Winter weather is much harsher and less forgiving than in summer, and good quality mountaineering clothing is essential. Winter is defined by the prevailing conditions on the day, not by a date in a calendar, and winter conditions can occur from as early as November to as late as May. The best and most reliable winter conditions occur from January through to March – but as we all know the UK’s weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable.

Whether you are a summer hill walker wanting to take the first steps in the winter mountains; or a summer rock-climber who wants to move into winter climbing, including on ice; or if you are already proficient but want to push yourself a little more knowing you are in safe hands – then any of these courses can be pitched at a level appropriate to you.

Winter Gallery