Newsletter – March 2019

By 25th March 2019 Newsletters

Tip of the Month

We are at the start of the rock-climbing season now, so here are a couple of tips that are really, really basic, but which could help you to have a long, successful climbing career rather than a short-lived one.

  • Tying-in. Treat tying in with the respect that it is due – your life will depend on this knot. Don’t chit-chat while tying in, don’t distract someone else while they are tying-in and check your knot and your partner’s knot once tied.
  • Helmets. It has taken decades for helmets to ‘catch on’ for mainstream recreational skiing; the same applies for mainstream cycling. Climbing (arguably) is still lagging behind a bit, but with the latest lightweight helmets that are super-comfortable, there are becoming fewer and fewer circumstances when there is a strong argument for not wearing a helmet. Make your own-risk assessment based on what activity you are doing, and where, and carefully consider why you believe notwearing a helmet is the right choice for that occasion.

Fact of the Month

Sir Hugh Munro died on 19 March this year (born 16 October 1856). He was a keen mountaineer and one of the founding members of the Scottish Mountaineering Club. However, he is most famous for compiling the list of Scottish mountains over 3,000ft (914.4m) and thereby setting off the craze of ‘Munro-bagging’. There are currently considered to be 282 Munros.

Route of the Month

What could be a better route to recommend both for the season and for its appropriate name, than April Crack (Hard Severe, 4b) 3-Star (featured in the famous book ‘Classic Rock’ and rated by Rockfax as one of the ‘Top 50’ in their guidebook Eastern Grit). This is a classic gritstone climb on Stanage Edge involving laybacking and bridging.

Photo of the Month

Spring conditions in the Loch Avon basin, ‘over the back’ in the Cairngorms.

A view over the back of the Cairngorms along Loch Avon in late winter/spring conditions during a guided mountain walk in the Cairngorms© thesummitisoptional

Forthcoming Events

Here are some of the scheduled events coming up in May and June:

  • 18-19 May. Two-day Introduction to Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing (Snowdonia or Lake District).
  • 25-27 May. Three-day wild camping expedition in Snowdonia.
  • 3-6 June. The ‘Big 3’ Mainland Ridges.
  • 7-9 June. Aonach Eagach and Curved Ridge (one place remaining).
  • 15-16 June. Beginners’ Rock Climbing in the Peak District.

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