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Feet first – Tip #9

By 20th September 2018January 13th, 2021Resources, Rock Climbing, Scrambling, Summer, Tips

Feet first

Here’s one for the fairly new climbers among you, and it’s great to practice indoors. You can see some of this going on in the video clip of the toddler that I posted on Facebook.

First, get in the habit of looking at your feet. Look at the foothold you intend to use, and decide how best your foot will work on that foothold. Then (keep looking at the foothold….) place your foot very precisely on the foothold in the way that you intended it to be placed. Keep looking down. Keep looking at the foot. Check that it is on the foothold properly. Keep looking at it, and say to yourself “Push” as you put push down on the foot. This will encourage you to put your weight onto the foot and then transfer your body weight over it.

Only then should you look up……