Tip #51 – Understanding mountain weather

By 20th June 2020 Resources, Tips

Understanding mountain weather

As regular, or even occasional, hill-walkers and mountaineers, it’s vital that we have an understanding of mountain weather. Therefore a number of my previous tips have been related to the weather. Why wouldn’t they be? After all, it’s the past weather that has partly made the mountains as we know them and it’s the weather that now partly dictates what we can do in the mountains – including where and when.

During lockdown, one way of getting a quick burst of meteorological training is by enrolling in a free online course. There are plenty out there, but here is one that I did a few years ago called “Come Rain or Shine: Understanding the Weather.”

The Met Office website also has a section which provides excellent learning resources for those wanting to understand the weather some more. But a general understanding of weather systems is still not enough. We need to understand how the mountains create their own weather and how the effects of the weather on humans is magnified in the mountains. The Royal Meteorological Society website is another good place to look.

On all our hill and mountain courses and guided walks, summer or winter, we always examine the weather – both to plan our day safely and as a learning topic in general. If you’d like to start understanding mountain weather then why not get in touch and enquire about our hill and mountain skills courses.